Windridge Homes

About Windridge Homes

Windridge Homes was created by two exceptional and renowned area home builders to create an affordable yet custom home for their buyers.

One of the partners is John Sumodi, owner of Legacy Homes of Medina, Inc. and Jacob Homes of Medina, Inc.  Since he was a teenager, John has been around the construction industry.  John worked for different builders as a young adult which taught him the trade, inside and out.  Absorbing everything he learned gave him the experience, insight and knowledge to launch Legacy Homes of Medina, then Jacob Homes of Medina.

Legacy Homes of Medina was started in 2003 to serve the middle to high end custom housing markets in Medina and adjacent counties.  With an eye for detail and a hands-on approach to every project, this building company took off running and hasn’t stopped since. 

The second business partner, Jeremy Krahe, Bridgeport Custom Homes and Design, has been building incredible quality custom homes for over a decade.  His attention to detail and craftsmanship has set him apart from the majority of area home builders in a very unique way.  Jeremy has a special knack of being able to help home buyers determine what special touches they want in their homes and then bringing it to fruition through creative methods, ideas and incredible execution.

Both of these builders bring their unique approach and style which totally creates a sum greater than its parts.  Be sure to ask about their future projects and don't miss their models currently under construction in Fox Meadow.

For specific sales details or to tour a model, contact David Gray at 216.390.3670 or for more information, click here.

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